01. In His Image (05:41)
02. Paper Love (05:04)
03. Easier to Bear (05:27)
04. Rhone (03:42)

05. In His Image (05:06)
06. Paper Love (04:45)
07. Easier to Bear (04:43)
08. Rhone (03:21)

The Dead Good EP MMXXI

The Re-recordings: MMXXI (tracks 1-4)

M M Reid – Vocals
M M Reid – Guitars
M M Reid – Bass
M M Reid – Drums
G Mcleod – Lead Guitars

When I decided in December 2020 that I needed to break my eighteen-year musical hiatus, my original plan was actually to go back through all of the originally recorded Fury material and re-record it.  That was it.  There was never any plan to write and record anything new.  I’d start with The Dead Good EP and work my way through to The Illusions of Truth, and then maybe hang my instruments up again.  Once I started recording In His Image, though, I realised I’d caught the bug, and I asked Graham if he’d like to come back and play all those beautiful solos again.  And he did, but they’re so much better this time around.

The Originals: MCMXCII (tracks 5-8)

A Walker – Vocals
M M Reid – Guitars
G Mcleod – Lead Guitars
B Moffatt – Bass
S McPhee – Drums

The first-ever Fury recording, produced and engineered by Bone, back in 1992.  The air smelled very sweet that weekend, that’s for sure.  It was also my first time in a recording studio, albeit in an extension in an old farmhouse in the Clyde Valley.  Man, good times.  Fun fact, my guitar sound was the result of two Fender Squier 15 amps (yeah, tiny) going through a stereo chorus pedal so that one amp was left completely clean and the other was using only the amp’s built-in distortion sound.  This may or may not be the reason I’ve got acoustic guitars going along in the background of most of my recent recordings.