Righteous Breed

Music & Lyrics: M M Reid
Album: Mind Over Madness
Length: 06:21

Politics, basically. Politics, and the way people will blindly follow the people telling them that their way is the only way, regardless of the outcome. I wrote this one after watching the Capitol building in Washington DC being stormed and desecrated by political fanatics, hell-bent on keeping their supreme leader in power regular tourists on an organised tour.

Funny thing about this song, though, is that it changed everything.  Quite literally.  As I mentioned on the Dead Good EP page, the plan was never to write new material, and only ever re-record old stuff to give it better production than the piss-poor sound we had from various bad producers.  Just as I was finishing work on The First and Last, my low-b string snapped and I had to order a new one.  Didn’t fit, though, as it was too thick to go through the hole in the tuning head, so I had to wait another week for a replacement set.  During that time, all I thought about was where I was going to release The First and Last, and if anyone would ever listen to it.

The new strings arrived, and I re-strung the guitar.  While tuning it up, however, I ended up inadvertently writing a riff.  I liked it, so I played it a few times to see where it would take me.  I was loving it, so I boot up the music PC and started to record it as I was writing it.  And that’s not only how Righteous Breed came about, but also how I ended up writing the whole Mind Over Madness album when I was supposed to be re-recording old stuff.