Hurts Like Hell

Music & Lyrics: M M Reid
Album: Mind Over Madness
Length: 06:25

This is an odd one, really. One of my friends, Sian, is an author who writes novels about a fictional band from Chicago, by the name of Cruise Control. The books are great, but it suddenly struck me that she’s writing all these books about these four guys who are basically the biggest rock band in the world at the time and, yet, she’s never actually heard their music. So, knowing these characters inside out, I thought about what their music would be like and used their influences to create this song.

In the books, Gabriel falls into a very dark spiral after Ariana walks out on him, and their second album is his way of dealing with the pain. From the first song through to the last, the entire story of their tumultuous relationship is told in stages. The last song, and the final song of each performance on the promo tour, is “Hurts Like Hell”, so I thought that would be a good one to focus on.

It made Sian cry when she realised what it was. My work is done.